Our Wedding is a go!

Everyone wants their wedding to be special a special event including us! Our Wedding was developed to help me plan my wedding (which I’m still in the process of planning at the time of this writing). After checking out a couple of the available apps, I found none of them quite fit the bill (only 1 I found to be even worthwhile keeping).

I’ve tried to automate a lot of the things that I found was a chore in planning the wedding (e.g. managing the guest list) and packaged it in a way that is hopefully intuitive to use. As the days countdown to my own wedding I’m finding more and more useful things to add and I even anticipate adding some post wedding functionality to the mix.

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  1. nzangie says:

    Hi, thanks for your app. I find it suits me as I don’t want a timeline and I like having the list all in one big thing, but divided with the sections. Is there any chance to have the ability to customise the sections or create new ones? I noticed that there is no section related to ceremony, like writing vows, etc, and don’t really want to put it under “miscellaneous” as it’s quite important! Thanks for your help, and your work on this app.

    • Akeem says:

      I’m glad you like the app! I think being able to add sections is a great idea. While I work on being able to add custom categories I’ll add the ceremony category to the existing list (I’ve found that I too have some ceremony specific stuff I need to do). I’ve added it to our get satisfaction page (http://getsatisfaction.com/wepala/topics/custom_task_categories) and you should be able to see when that is added.

      Also thanks for submitting info on the the change date issue; that really helped. If you have any more things you’d like to see or you’d like to vote on upcoming features you can check out http://getsatisfaction.com/wepala/. I’m trying to knock stuff out as my own big day draws near. Happy Planning!

  2. kim says:

    Love the app, its been a wonderful tool in keeping myself organized for my up-coming wedding. However today when I opened the app I was shocked to see an advert for flirt chat and dating. WTH!!! I’m getting married, already found the man of my dreams, I do not need to flirt or date. I understand the need for ads, but really this is ridiculous. If anything the ads should be about something related to marriage, not cheating.

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